Equities & Derivatives

Satco Capital Markets are the members of both NSE and BSE, have a robust infrastructure and trading platform to execute the trades. SATCO provides Technical/Fundamental research services for investment in Equities, which has been giving stellar returns to our clients. Our online trading platform on the internet and mobile application (Easy Trade SATCO) enables the convenience of investing on the go from anywhere.

One can open a trading account online and start to trade immediately once the application is approved. Traders can also read through the stock tips and suggestions that are available on the website and receive right guidance when it comes to the trading process.

Satco Capital is one firm that provides trading across various platforms be it Web, Mobile, Desktop or Call-n-trade. Traders can watch share market live, watch news related to share markets, search and study the market research reports, check the data of various stocks from BSE and NSE and learn about new investment opportunities.

It is a financial instrument which derives its value/price from the underlying assets. Originally, underlying corpus is first created which can consist of one security or a combination of different securities. The value of the underlying asset is bound to change as the value of the underlying assets keep changing continuously.